Katana inu


While humankind still clambered to break the skin of the primordial soup, animal clans had long since ruled land and sea.

For millennia, harmony prevailed as the clans coexisted in balance, guided by the wisdom of seven ancient relics imbued with the essence of the natural world. Not one race ever dared name the ground beneath their matted claws, let alone claim it as their own.

However, this era of tranquility was instantly shattered when a great cataclysm befell the realm. A fissure in the cooling crust allowed demonic energy buried within to escape its exile and rain chaos across the infinite landscape above.

The once-mighty relics, sources of power and guardians of equilibrium, were lost, plunging the land into turmoil. With the relics gone, and under the newfound demonic influence, the delicate balance between the animal clans was disrupted, and ancient rivalries resurfaced with newfound intensity.

While the animal clans fought for control, demonic chaos hurried human evolution exponentially. Their unique cunning and superior base intelligence quickly propelled them into a formidable adversary and notable frontrunner in the search for the lost relics.

As the struggle for dominance escalated, alliances formed and fractured, and warriors from all corners of the inhabited world emerged to claim the relics as their own.

Among them were the swift and cunning Doge Clan, whose agility and wit made them formidable opponents on the battlefield. The indomitable Bull Clan whose material greed grew with every passing day. The noble Katana Inu Clan, renowned for their strength and honor, fought with unyielding determination to restore order to the land. The Bear Clan, rich in ancient wisdom and noble practice, but not immune to the thirst for riches displayed by their Bull relatives, grew in power and stature.

Meanwhile, the Human Clan splintered into nefarious factions.

The enigmatic but bewitching Assassins, masters of stealth and deception, lurked in the shadows, their motives veiled in secrecy, while Berserkers were more brazen in their material wants and desires. Finally, Celestials were the unholy combination of the worst of human and the best of animal-kind - devoid of love and empathy, their kind lurked in the shadows yet reveled in power-defining glory.

Amidst this chaos, a prophecy foretold a chosen champion who would unite the clans and restore harmony to the realm. But with each passing day, the struggle for control of the relics grew more desperate, and the fate of ancient Earth hung in the balance.

As players delve deeper into the lore, they uncover the secrets of the animal and human clans origins, the true nature of the relics, and the forces that seek to manipulate their power for their dark purposes. Along the way, they encounter legendary figures from ancient mythology, confront primordial guardians tasked with protecting the relics at all costs, and ultimately decide the fate of the world itself.

In this epic tale of honor, betrayal, and redemption, players embark on a journey that transcends time and space, with the bonds of kinship tested, and the true meaning of heroism revealed. Will they rise to the challenge and become the new rulers, or will they succumb to the demonic darkness that threatens to consume the land? The answer lies in their hands as they enter the arena of destiny and prepare to battle for control of the relics that hold the key to the realm salvation.

katana inu game player characters


Vast mountain ranges soar into the sky, their mist-shrouded peaks teeming with ancient temples and hidden sanctuaries. Lush forests stretch as far as the eye can see, harboring secret groves where animal ancestry roams freely and tranquil waters where exotic wildlife swims free.

Amidst this breathtaking scenery, bustling yet infantile cities and marketplaces thrum with activity, their streets alive with the sights and sounds of everyday life. Ornate pagodas and majestic palaces dot the landscape, their intricate architecture a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of these ancient civilizations.

Throughout the realm, sacred sites and ancient ruins serve as reminders of a bygone era, their crumbling walls and weathered statues standing as silent witnesses to the passage of time. It was from within these hallowed grounds that the relics of power were scattered into the ether. Once shared and treasured by all-kind, the ancient relics are now hunted by the ill-chosen few.

But beyond the natural beauty and architectural wonders, the world is a realm of mysticism and magic. Elemental energies course through the land, shaping the very fabric of reality and empowering those who seek to harness their power. From the fiery depths of volcanoes to the serene tranquility of hidden waterfalls, the elements are woven into the very fabric of the world, granting those who understand their secrets untold power and wisdom.

Yet amidst these splendors, dark forces lurk in the shadows, seeking to exploit the realm riches and further only their clan. Ancient demons stir in forgotten tombs and forbidden temples, their malevolent influence spreading like a creeping shadow across the land. It is a world teetering on the brink of chaos, where heroes and villains vie for control of ancient relics that hold the key to ultimate power and salvation.

In this world of wonder and danger, heroes rise to confront the darkness, their courage and determination shining like beacons of hope in the face of adversity. It is a world where the bonds of friendship and loyalty are tested, where the line between good and evil blurs, and where the fate of ancient Earth hangs in the balance.

katana inu game player characters



Hailing themselves as the ancestral protectors of the realm, Katana Inu is noble, wise, yet unwavering. Spending their days practicing ancient martial arts and their nights reading and writing scripture to ensure the same mistakes are avoided by future generations, they are often undervalued but always overawe their opponents.


Representing strength and resilience, the Bull is a towering figure among the animal clans. With massive muscles and indomitable willpower, the Bull serves as the vanguard of his clan, leading the charge into battle with unyielding determination. His brute force and ferocious attacks make him a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat, capable of bulldozing through adversaries with sheer power. Despite his intimidating appearance, the Bull possesses an innate gentle spirit and unwavering loyalty to his comrades, making him a steadfast ally in times of need.


A wise and elusive figure, the Bear embodies the ancient traditions of spiritual wisdom and mysticism. Drawing upon the primal forces of nature, the Bear wields powerful elemental magic to heal allies and devastate foes. With a deep connection to the Earth and the spirits that dwell within it, the Bear serves as a spiritual guide to his fellow warriors, offering counsel and guidance in times of turmoil. Despite his formidable magical abilities, the Bear is humble and introspective, seeking harmony with the natural world and the balance of all living things.


As a loyal guardian and protector, the Doge stands watch over his clan with unwavering vigilance. Possessing keen senses and lightning-fast reflexes, the Doge is a master of reconnaissance and stealth, able to sniff out danger and intercept threats before they can strike. Armed with a razor-sharp wit and a fierce sense of loyalty, the Doge is fiercely protective of his comrades, willing to lay down his life to ensure their safety. Despite his stoic demeanor, the Doge harbors a playful side, often engaging in friendly banter and camaraderie with his fellow warriors.


Hailing from a tribe of primitive hunters and gatherers, Assassins embody resourcefulness and adaptability. With a keen understanding of survival tactics and primitive weaponry, they navigate the harsh wilderness of the fringes of society with ease, using cunning traps and ambush tactics to outsmart their adversaries. Despite a seeming lack of advanced technology, the Assassin compensates with ingenuity and quick thinking, utilizing the natural environment to gain the upper hand in battle.


Without moral code or human fear, Berserkers flaunt rules and avoid pageantry to simply spend their time laying claim to as much as they can, as fast as they can. Both human and other animal clans alike avoid them like the plague on this fledgling society they truly are. With relative strength for their size and limited range of weaponry, their main source of power comes from their unhinged mental state, thirst for blood, and refusal to surrender.


Born of two worlds, the Celestials straddle the line between human and animal, embodying the teachings of balance and harmony. Trained in the ancient martial arts of both man and beast, Celestials possesses a unique fighting style that blends speed, agility, and spiritual enlightenment. With a serene demeanor and immovable discipline, they often channel the inner energies of chi to unleash devastating attacks and transcend the limitations of the physical realm. Despite facing prejudice and discrimination from both humans and animals alike, Celestials embrace their dual heritage with pride, serving as a bridge between worlds and a beacon of hope for those who seek unity in diversity.

katana inu game player characters